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Priest (2011) นักบุญปีศาจ

Priest A centuries-long war between humans and vampires has devastated the earth’s surface, and has led to the creation of a theocracy under an organization called The Church. Despite their vulnerability to sunlight and humanity’s technological advancements, the vampires’ superior strength and speed meant they were impossible to beat until mankind sheltered them in giant walled cities and trained the elite warriors, the Priests, who helped turn the tide.

The opening scene shows an entire group of Priests entering the Sola Mira Hive, but they are attacked by vampires. One of them is caught from behind, and the leader tries to free him, but he is forced to let go. He is then dragged screaming back into the hive.

Most vampires were killed a few years afterward. After the war was over the Clergy was disbanded, as were the Priests. There are those who seek ways to get out of the walls of cities. Priest HD

Hicks ( Cam Giandet) is approached by Priest ( Paul Bettany), who is the sheriff of Augustine. Priest discovers that Owen, his brother, and Owen’s girlfriend Shannon (Priest’s girlfriend before his appointment to the clergy) were mortally wounded in the attack of vampires, and Priest’s niece Lucy ( Lily Collins) was kidnapped. Hicks requests Priest’s assistance in rescuing Lucy. Priest asks the Church to reinstate his authority, however, the Church’s leader Monsignor Orelas ( Christopher Plummer) doesn’t believe in the myth of the vampire and denies to accept the common belief that the vampires have been defeated completely in fear of jeopardizing the authority of the Church. The priest resigns from the city and Orelas dispatches three priests and a Priestess ( Maggie Q) to bring him back.

Priest and Hicks arrive at Nightshade Reservation where humans called Familiars, people infected with the pathogen that renders them submissive to the vampires, live together with the surviving vampires. After a tense combat, they discover the majority of vampires have sought refuge in Sola Mira. This was thought to have been abandoned following the conflict. Priestess who was on Priest’s team in the failed attack on the Hive, joins them at Sola Mira. The group kills the Hive Guardian vampire, then discover that the vampires have created a new army and dug a tunnel through the middle of the mountain towards the town of Jericho. At night the other Priests arrive in Jericho and an armored train comes through, unleashing hundreds of zombies on the population. The vampires are led by a powerful and mysterious man sporting black hat ( Karl Urban). Black Hat kills all three Priests who refuse to accept his invitation to join him.

Priest, Priestess, and Hicks arrive at Jericho the next morning to find the town completely empty, and three dead Priests were executed. Priest and Priestess have an intimate moment as she confesses to her feelings for Shannon, hoping that Shannon has died the priest will no longer feel bound to her. Priest softly declines. Priest realizes that the vampires are traveling on trains during the day, and then attack towns that are free at night, with the cities that are walled at the end of the train line. Hicks claims that the sun is protecting cities, but Priest states that the enormous smoke and ash clouds that encircle the cities has permanently blocked sunlight. If the train does reach one of cities, there is likely to be a bloody slaughter.

Priest is threatened by Hicks who is in love with Lucy and believes Priest will murder her if she’s infected with vampires. Priestess explains that he cannot do this, as Lucy is Priest’s daughter. She also explains that Owen took over as a husband and father when Priest was taken by the Church. Lucy wasn’t told the truth about her family history.

Priestess hurries ahead to place a bomb on railroad tracks. Priestess and Hicks board train to rescue Lucy. They fight Familiars and vampires, until Black Hat finally defeats them just as they find Lucy. Black Hat is revealed as the priest who went missing during the battle against Sola Mira. The vampire queen offered Black Hat blood following the time the man was taken. This made him the first hybrid of human and vampire that is able to endure the sun. While Priest battles Black Hat, Lucy discovers the truth about her parentage. Priestess battles many Familiars along the track ahead of the train, but only one of them beats the detonator. Instead, she mounts the explosives on her motor bike and drives it into the engine of the train. The derailment explodes and kills all the vampires. Black Hat is engulfed in fires. Hicks Priest, Priestess and Lucy get out.

Priest is back in the city and confronts Monsignor Orelas during Mass. He tells him about the burning train that held the bodies of the vampires however, it was not the Queen’s. He then shocks everyone by throwing a headless vampire on the floor. Orelas is still unable to believe his claims, saying that the war is over however, the Priest insists that the war is only beginning. Outside of the city Priest is met by Priestess who confirms that the other Priests have been informed and will meet them at a meeting point. Priest sets off to the evening light.

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